Relive a 1954 All-Girls Road Trip and Camp Out Across Canada 

In 1954, a quartet of young women set off across Canada in a Plymouth. Now, thanks to Library and Archives Canada, you can see the photos one of the group took, alongside excerpts from her diary of the trip. Fair warning—it will make you want to take off for wide open spaces in a borrowed car of boat-like dimensions. »8/20/15 6:11pm8/20/15 6:11pm

Sturgis Bike Rally From Above: Drone's-Eye View Of The Madness

Sturgis is a small town in western South Dakota with a year-round population of less than 7,000 people. Yet every year more than a hundred thousand bikers descend on that tiny town for the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. This year being the 75th anniversary the numbers are even higher. But of course they haven’t just… »8/09/15 7:50pm8/09/15 7:50pm

This Floating McDonalds Has Sat Empty For 28 Years

The McBarge was a floating McDonald's restaurant constructed for Expo '86 in Vancouver, but after the expositions ended, it never saw another bag of french fries. Today, the McBarge sits empty in British Columbia's Burrard Inlet, although its owner hopes to someday turn it back into a working restaurant. »3/24/15 10:52pm3/24/15 10:52pm

How Will the Real Selma Be Remembered?

MLK Jr. Day is over, the movie Selma is out - by many accounts, one of the best films in a while - and celebrities held a commemorative march. But what monuments honor the Voting Rights march the rest of the year? »1/21/15 12:05am1/21/15 12:05am

Gods and Monsters Hide Behind Childlike Eyes in Stunning Art

Every artist has a vision, and for Winfred Hawkins, that means envisioning an entire cosmos of twisted mythologies filtered through the unbridled imagination of children. The result is grotesque and sublime. »12/19/14 1:52am12/19/14 1:52am