Hi all,

Has anyone been to Algeria? I'm looking at North Africa tours โ€” as a solo female traveler, I'd feel more comfortable with a group and/or guide โ€” and I found Mosaic North Africa tours that include multi-country tours โ€” Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia. I know Morocco is safe for tourists, and I see quite a bit about Tunisia being lovely, but Algeria is scaring me. The US State Department has a travel warning about Algeria, and a tourist was kidnapped and beheaded there just yesterday. However, I'm also seeing so many reviews from people (on TripAdvisor and other sites, not just through Mosaic) who say it was the most beautiful part of their trip. I'd hate to miss a hidden gem because of fear-mongering that may or may not be founded.

Does anyone have any advice or anecdotes about Algeria or visiting some other place with a "reputation" of being unsafe?