Milan - New Year's

Hi! I'm sending out a call for advice, as my Googling is revealing little and no one answered me on TripAdvisor.

Has anyone been to Milan? My BF and I found startlingly cheap airfare for New Year's (!!) so we booked it, and now we're trying to plan things. Does anyone here know if there's any public transportation or readily accessible taxis after midnight on New Year's? I was hoping to save a little money on the hotel, but if it's only going to be us hoofing it, then we might be better off staying somewhere very close... I'm thinking either the Duomo or the Castello Sforzesco.

And is ANYTHING open/around to do on New Year's Day, or should I just plan that to be a sleep in, walk around the neighborhood sort of thing? I would anticipate some smaller restaurants to be open just like here... at least that's what I'm hoping!


ANY helpful tips would be greatly appreciated! I do know to book a visit to the Last Supper early, so I have a reminder set to do that as soon as it's available.


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